Donde colisionan la luz y la oscuridad, ahí estoy yo...

domingo, noviembre 25, 2007

Fire heart

Inspirado en Naruto

You arrived like a wild
and destructive fire hurricane.
This in you that demon
that no longer you can stop.
You moulded your own destiny
you will be what you want to be.
Is very difficult the way,
but your hope never dies.
Open your eyes and it runs, run.
Your heart shines in the darkness.
You do not stop, always runs.
Your life shines in the world.
Without mercy, the scorn I slap to you,
but you continue standing up.
That flame burns in your heart
and everything becomes evanescent.
Every second lives intensely
and you arrived more far.
Your fire heart shone for always

and you illuminated my way.

viernes, noviembre 23, 2007


Aurora sobre tu cabeza,
brillante, eléctrica.
Lagunas de tu memoria,
inquietante oscuridad.
Quisiera besar tu boca,
deseada agonía.
Pero dulcemente me envenenas;

atormentadoras palabras.

A veces sufrimos tanto por amor
que lo confundimos con el dolor.